Brady shows he really is part of the 'B' team
Many thanks to Michelle (Mum) and Sharon Power and all those others who have supported this brilliant young handler who has such a bright future.
2010 shines brightly for the 'b' team as they are well on their way to a 'grand title !!
Their 2nd Best in Group
Their 3rd Best in Group
  in atrocious conditions.
The Ultimate Achievement

The "B" team give an 'a' class performance to take out their first Best In Show award
Brady wins his 2nd All Breeds Best In Show

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Well if I thought winning Best in Show was the Ultimate I was wrong. Brady and Bianca have gone from strength to strength, culminating in the Grand Championship title being won.
Truly the "ultimate" award in the Australian show ring.
Winning those final points for dog challenge then BOB, and going on to win Runner-up in Group.

Brady and Bianca - a girl and her dog!!
See who's closest to Bianca's plate !!!
At one of their early shows - showing just what a team they are.
Having a 'grand' time at the 'B' teams 'grand' celebration party