Dylan is litter brother to Jasper and he has made his mark in the conformation ring  as well as the agility ring by winning a Best In Show while still a puppy.

This is every available ANKC title !!!
How brilliant is that !!!
At the National:
CCD – 2nd place on a score of 92/100
Novice Agility – 2nd place
Novice Jumping – 4th place
At the Western Classic Agility Trial in March 2007
Winner of Excellent Jumping in a large entry.
Even more exciting news !!
2010 National 300 Champion in Masters Agility, Open Agility, Open Jumping
2011 State 300 Champion in Masters Agility, Masters Jumping, Open Agility, Open Jumping
At the W.A.State Agility Trials  (May 2007) Dylan wins his qualifying heats in both Novice Agility and Excellent Jumping - an entry of 47 dogs.
Dylan is owned and loved by Sandra Yearsley.
At the Australian Agility Nationals held in Adelaide recently some superb results were obtained.
Koniseur Karry The Flag CDX ADM JDM ADO2 JDO SD GD SPD was 4th in Novice Gamblers (98 entered)
Dylan : 13th Novice Snooker (111 entries)
2nd Novice Agility (76 entries)
5th Excellent Jumping (75 entries)
JASPER:  12th Masters Jumping (157 entries)
11th Novice Snooker (111 entries)
8th Open Agility (145 entries)

Clipper never attained the number of titles that his house-mate Jasper has,nevertheless he was Nic's first agility dog and has the letters JD and AD after his name.
He won his first trial and gained his AD in three trials.

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            JASPER'S RESULTS

6th - Masters Gamblers  - 56 entries
8th - Open Agility Heat -  186 entries
8th - Open Jumping Heat  - 222 entries

10th - Masters Strategic Pairs 41 pairs entered
9th -  Excellent Gamblers 101 entries
13th -  Open Jumping Heat 117 entries
2nd - Place Excellent Agility Heat 87 entries and qualified as a finalist
Finals in Excellent Agility clear for 6th place overall
Awarded the trophy for the top 300 dog in Open Jumping

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Who would have thought when Nic chose this name it would be an omen for things to come !!!!!
All available ANKC titles!!
That's sooooooooo great.
12th Masters Jumping (157 entries)
11th Novice Snooker (111 entries)
8th Open Agility (145 entries)
25 Apr 06 - 1st place and State Novice Agility Winner
11 Jun 06 - 2nd out of 120 dogs in Novice Agility heat at National Agility Competition held in Sydney.  Jasper ran 4th in this final overall.
11 Jun 06 - 5th out of 111 dogs in Novice Jumping heat at National Agility Competition held in Sydney.   He ran 6th overall in the finals.
8 Oct 06 - 1st place and Best in Trial Winner at Sheltie Nationals.
In ADAA he is an Australian Agility Champion.
2011 ADAA Nationals International Mini Gamblers Champion
2011 ADAA National International Mini Agility Champion
2010 ADAA Grand Prix – Medallion Stakes Finals WinnerInternational Mini Programme2011
Finalist in the 400 height for ADM, JDM, JDO & ADO at WA State Agility Trial
2010 ANKC Nationals Open Agility National Winner 400 Height

Jasper is owned and loved by Nic Ford.

2010 Agility Nationals

Jasper qualified for 3 finals: Open Agility, Open Jumping and Masters Agility and placed first in 1 final making him the 400 National Champion in Open Agility.

Dylan qualified for 4 finals: Open Agility, Masters Agility, Open Jumping and Masters Jumping and placed first in 3 finals making him the 300 National Champion in Open Agility, Masters Agility and Open Jumping.

Sandra's Mum  started training her first agility dog (Mitchell) at the age of 71 years old and at 73 years old entered her first National Agility trial.
Mitchell qualified for 1 final in his first National event in Excellent Agility and came 2nd in his run in the final.  There were a few people at the presentations who said that it was really inspirational to see someone her age get up there amongst the winners !!!
Mitchell has his CCD and JD titles and we all hope there will be many more for them both in the future.

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